Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Features and Health & Safety

Altitude’s Mobile Rock Climbing Wall features the latest auto-belay technology and safety equipment in order to offer climbers the ultimate in safety and enjoyment, while our professional rock climbing instructors help guide and teach.

Automatic belay system

Sussex Climbing Wall HireIn traditional recreational sport climbing there are generally two people involved in a climb – the climber, and the person whom is providing the safety for the climber, who is known as the belayer. The belayer traditionally secures a climbers rope using two hands and a braking device to control the descent of the climber. The biggest fear for many climbers is that a belayer could lose control of the climbing rope, endangering the climber, as such mistakes have happened to even the most experienced of climbers.

Because Altitude Events uses “auto-belays” the human element is removed from the belaying process, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Altitude’s Portable Rock Cimbing Wall has a pressurized air/oil hydraulic control system that automatically controls the rate of descent when a climber falls or chooses to come down from the Mobile Climbing Wall. The automated belaying system takes up the slack in the climbing cable as the person climbs and therefore eliminates the need to rely upon a human belayer for every climber.

Still not convinced? Our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall has been manufactured with two hydraulic cylinders for every climber. This means that we have a redundant system, or back up, which ensures that if one hydraulic cylinder fails, the second system will take up the slack and function in a safe manner.

Auto-belays are not only beneficial in safety, by using auto-belays we can also increase the throughput of climbers meaning far more climbs can be done in the same time period! Auto-belays are perfect for big groups, schools and busy public events.

Advantages of our auto-belay system

  • Our auto-belay system is a hydraulic unit that needs no power to operate.
  • Our system has specially designed “flow” controls built in so even if a hydraulic hose was cut or destroyed the participant will still be safe.
  • Our system uses “double Pistons” in tandem so in the unusual event that one breaks you still have one back up unit.

Tech specs of the Climbing Wall

  • The Mobile Climbing Wall stands at 8m (24ft) in height
  • The rockwall features the latest automatic belay systems
  • Up to 4 climbers can climb at any one time on the Mobile Climbing Wall
  • Can be sited in car parks, driveways, playing fields, on gravel or even indoors (depending on access and suitability of the flooring)
  • Routes are specifically configured to cater for climbers of all abilities
  • The Mobile Rock Climbing Wall weighs 2 tonnes (over 3.5 when including the 4×4) and requires a firm flat area of 8m frontage x 15m depth with nothing low overhead
  • Climbers must weigh between 3.5 and 18 stone


  • Fully trained professional climbers demonstrate how to ascend and descend in a safe and proper manner
  • All climbers wear high quality Petzl harnesses
  • Automatic belay systems remove the possibility of human error
  • First aid trained staff
  • CRB/DBS checked staff
  • £10 million PLI
  • Altitude’s Portable Rock Climbing Wall is certified by an MIC and approved by East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and Surrey for use in schools. Altitude are also one of the few (if not, the only) Mobile Rock Climbing Walls in the Southeast to be certified by Scouting and Girl Guides for use on their events

Mobile Climbing Wall access and transportation

The Mobile Rock Climbing Wall arrives in 1 piece on a large trailer so please ensure that we will be able to gain access to your venue BEFORE placing a booking.

Access required is at least 2.75m width, 2.75m height and enough room for a 10m long trailer towed by a 4×4 weighing over 3.5 tonnes combined. We ask for a pitch of flat ground that is 8m x 15m (with nothing low overhead) and we will drive in 1 of the 8m sides and out of the other 8m side so we cannot be penned in on these sides.

We will provide safety barriers and will make sure the Mobile Rockwall is thoroughly tested each and every day before we allow climbers on it.